Saturday, April 28, 2018

The End in Sight

So we are entering the last real week of school for seniors next week. I will miss them a lot as we did have a very good school year. I am especially proud of our coninuing search for new tools to make our lessons interesting for the students. The are convinced now that I am totally obsessed with Flipgrid, Metaverse and especially Google Classroom. Honestly, those are my favorites right now. But how quickly they forget that we played boss battles on Classcraft every day for months! Well, when the rest of the flipgrid videos come in I will see what really made the most impact on them this year. My latest discovery, Gimkit, has been a hit for the past couple of weeks. I wrote an article about them last Sunday. Here is the link for it. I love that site, and to think that a junior in high school created it is just astounding. So what to do next week for the final senior week? Well, Monday we will finish the poster projects and present them to the class. Tuesday is an in-service day. Wednesday we will play some more Gimkit and StudyStack games to review for the semester exams. Thursday we will do Cinco de May stations, and Friday is Field Day along with a little food day in my classes. So then it's pretty much over and another year in the bag. This has been a good one, no doubt. Oh, today I did a 5K and came in 7th in my age group, not too bad, right?