Saturday, December 30, 2017

2017 Coming to an End

There goes another year, 2017. Tomorrow is December 31st, 2017. People make a lot of New Year's resolutions, something I never actually subscribed to in the past. What I usually do is to write up an elaborate financial plan to get my budget better under control and to save more money for retirement. So I will definitely get back on Dave Ramsey's budget app "Every Dollar." It's great and really helps to get a clear overview of your entire situation. Retirement is on the horizon for me, so it is time to get serious. On the bright side I am not in any sort of debt as so many Americans are these days. I just need to tackle the remaining mortgage on my house, a mere $44,000. So yes, I will keep working on my money situation. And then there is work. I love being a teacher at my school. It's so amazing when you are on break and just think about it, rather than actually showing up there and teaching. This last semester went fairly smoothly. I only had one problem with a student whom I supposedly offended, though I am not quite sure what he claimed I said since nothing ever came of his rant in this office. Well, that's not bad, Oh and there was a day one of my colleagues became irate because she thought I was micromanaging her. Honestly I was not, I apologized profusely to her. It was simply a time I was super excited about what I was doing with my students and wanted to share it with whoever was willing to hear this. Lesson learned, don't ever do that again. Spill your excitement on Twitter rather than at school. Seriously. I did have a fantastic 31 student Spanish I class that did happily anything I asked them to do in terms of innovative teaching strategies. These students did the genius hour project, Plickers, Kahoot,, Google Classroom, SeeSaw, Quizalize, Jenga competitions, Repollo balls, and whatever else I can't even think about right now. They were so amazing. I told them on the last day of classes how grateful I was for them. Some of those students will be back for Spanish II next semester so the excitement continues then. I am truly looking forward to second semester at my school. Three weeks from today I will be presenting at the 21st Century Learning Conference in Hong Kong. It will be about Genius Hour. I do hope all will go well and my computer will not freeze on me as it did the last time I presented there. Let's hope for the best. So, on to my plans and goals for 2018.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Exam Time

Today is the first of two exams days. I had to give three tests so far, all went very well with the exception of one student who obviously did not bother to study and failed it miserably. It's too bad because this will actually fail her, and she will need to take the class over again. They are now just letting seniors take Spanish at my school and if you fail Spanish I first semester you are up the creek without a paddle. Well, after doing my grading I was actually very industrious and cleaned out the humongous stack of accumulated paperwork, ran off my entire gradebook, ran off the rosters for the new classes beginning in January, uploaded all of the new students onto Classcraft, and updated and ran off the new Spanish II syllabus. Yes, that was sort of a run on sentence I guess. I apparently have 74 students in 4 Spanish II classes. Hey, one prep, never had that before. To top it off, no observations next semester, just a couple of walk through ones. So I am kind of excited about next semester. Ready for Christmas? Not by a long shot! My heater went out last night and this will be expensive to fix.