Saturday, February 10, 2018

UN Sustainable Development Goals Game

This morning I found a great game that teaches students about the SDGs. This is found at I ran it off for my students to play next week, maybe on Friday, we will see. On Monday my students in first period will present their ideas to a group of students in the Dominican Republic. This will be the first time for that group to do a Google Hangouts talk and I do hope they will be assertive as they present their group's ideas. I did have a problem with one student not buying into his group's ideas yesterday, so I will probably allow him to do his own project. Had a bad school nightmare last night. I was a roaming teacher with a class of 45 students who were out of control while I was being observed. Well, it was only a nightmare so all is good.

Monday, February 5, 2018

The Flu Hit East Tennessee

So what do you do on a flu day? Update your blog. Upon returning from Hong Kong I was promptly greeted with a walk-through observation in 5th period class. We had just finished making a cafecito and finished drinking it as my teachers' aides were still in the hall, cleaning the expresso pot. Well all turned out well and they assisted the groups with their assignments. I just found out on Friday I will be presenting at the 100th Annual AATSP Conference in Salamanca. I am going to present on using Classcraft: “Turn Your Class into a Cultural Adventure: Creating Random Events, Boss Battles and Quests with Classcraft.” This is so exciting!! I haven't been to Spain in many years, not since I was a teenager actually. While volunteering for RAM I booked a hotel room there on my down time. So now of course I will need to spend the next few weeks actually creating the presentation, a challenging task, but doable. There is a long way to the end of the semester. If only we were actually at school. It seems that since we came back after Christmas we had one great week of school and then it all fell to pieces with ice and the flu. The forecast seems to be ok for the next 15 days and perhaps we can actually get back into the swing of things. Friday I had only about 2/3 of every class there and we did have a fabulous time dreaming on what to do with the SDGs. This morning I woke up around 8:30 AM and remembered that I still have to teach my night class. I had completely forgotten about them I guess and got up to grade all of their quizzes and MySpanishLabs work as well as the work from the online class. This, in between washing dishes and talking a shower. Wow, it's only 11:16 AM and I am all done, woohoo. Great flu day so far.